kámkámsa betkamkamsa betphraseSurte marán bet palaiEnglishmany many yearsÁi Prime Minister di parai singin ngo na longoi kán atatir uri tan mani má kán him, má kápate lu long artálár on. Marán bet di parai singin, má kápate lu longoi. Áng kámkámsa bet má, má kápate lu longoi, pasi onin ák tur i nagogon.The Prime Minister they said to him that he should make his report about money and his work, and/but he did not accomplish it. (For) many years they said it to him, and he did not do it. It was many, many years then, and he did not do it, resulting in now he is standing in the law (being courted).táptápsa bet

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