arat i pokon kalkalungidiomSurláklák namurwai sápkin tatalen káián lite ki uk han kai on mulEnglishfollow another's lead and get in troublebiting in the twisted placeTan kalilik tepák di lu long bengtai tan táit imi aratintin, pasi komiti til Nokon ák inau i tan kaukak til Nokon suri koion da arat i pokon kalkalung káián tan kalilik erei da káp tur i nagogon.Young men from far away messed up things at the school, resulting in the headman from Nokon exhorted the young men from Nokon so they would not follow the lead of those other young men lest they end up being courted.dokta pasarat/árti4.1Relationships3.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom; relationship

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