inárparticle1Surmulán pákánEnglishnow for the first timeThis is the combination of in (this, here) and ár (first time, at long last, finally).Apong, iau te tu longrai ngisam má káp iau te lu mák iáu. Inár sang má iak mák iáu!Listen, I keep hearing your name and I have never seen you. Now for the first time I have seen you!onin pala (sang)2SurIn má uk mánán!EnglishSo there!This is a smug in-your-face kind of comment of oneupmanship.Ái kobát a lu bal mos i tan kalilik di lu hom i Sade. Má i kesi pákán Sade má ák tipar di mai bus mák parai si di ngo, "Inár sang má gamák mák iau gam lu bal hom i Sade!"The usher kept getting angry at the kids who were playing on Sunday. And one Sunday he chased them with a vine/stick and said to them, "Now you will see me (So there!) you who keep playing on Sunday!"árerárin

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