hustaptransitive verb taking onEnglishurge; insist; cajole; force verballyHustap seems to be indicative more of forcing with words rather than the action of forcing someone to do something, pus_kábul seems to be more action than words, and sisdoi is more insistence or bugging someone to express your own opinion on your behalf. Hustap and tari_duk are synonymous. This includes the idea of speaking very strongly in favor of something and is often used of bad things one is insisting on. Some say this has the connotation of feeling an itch or craving, thus the insistence toward gratifying that desire. Bit_sisdoi connotes the idea of telling on someone or reporting on someone, thus pushing him into a public revelation or even into being arrested. Longoi_holhol implies that one makes a decision or plan for others, like the chairman of a committee deciding how things will be done and getting or even forcing everyone else to do it. This is appropriate for a parent to do for his child. And the two idioms putai_suk_i_án_pogong and talkai_suk_i_án_pogong imply the idea of dominating another and forcing him to do your will.longoi holholpus kábulputai suk i án pogongtalkai suk i án pogongtari dukbit sisdoi; risi2; sisdoihustap tari

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