duk1transitive verb taking on1SurtusEnglishtouch; hit; bang; bumpTok PisinbamimThe common area of meaning seems to be two things coming into contact with each other, as when one bumps one's head on something, or when two posts are touching, one on top of the other, or when two fingers are touching each other.duk kalar2Englishapply to; accounted to; affectArbin káián ái pasta a tus iau. Pákánbung iau longra tangrai pinpidan a arbin mai, ki iak mánán tusi ngo a duk muswan i iau.The pastor's preaching touched/affected me. When I heard the talk/word he preached with, then I knew accurately that it truly touched (was meant for, applied to) me.tongos/tongsoitari duk

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