ásásalienable nounSurtanián kálámul a mat a longoi akiláng suri arbin talas ngo ákte matEnglishindication; sign; manifestationThis term refers to a sign that someone has died, i.e. the spirit of a dead person announcing, often to his family members, that he has died. A certain bird is heard, a saucepan falls even though it should not, you see someone's face but then he is gone.Tungu a mat ái koko anang i malar, ásás on a hut ami rum ngorer a pur i sosopen má iak longrai worwor ami rum sang, ki namur ák hut i arbin ngo ákte mat ái koko.A while back when uncle died down in the village, indications of it (his death) happened in my house like a saucepan fell and I heard talking right in the house, then later the news arrived that uncle had died.

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