taltalikusintransitive verbSurligáiEnglishcurled upThis describes a person lying in a fetal position, or a snake curled up.Nabung iau lu hanhan uri kesi tiling kanih a tu ligá páksi anang i risán sál. Má pákánbung iau mákái, ki iak hol on ngo boh purpur di tah talmi suri da osoi. Má ngo iau lain tiktikon suri mák timani, ki iak mákái ngo tiling kanih a bop taltalikus pagas má kápate kálik malmaliu.Yesterday I went along to a large snake who was curled up remaining down beside the road. And when I saw it, I thought it was trash they had swept together to burn. But when I peeked at it well to see it accurately, then I saw that it was a large snake lying curled there and it was not (even) moving slightly.ligá2.1Bodybody act

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