putai suk i án pogongidiomSurlala kátlán; talka pasi mai worwor án totor; kálámul a mur i lite má kápte a ngoi i bál suri hanEnglishdominate; force another against his willtie rope to his neckThis implies controlling or dominating someone by telling or commanding them what to do, without doing anything yourself, as a husband being a tyrant over his wife. It is also used of convincing or even forcing another to do something you talk him into.Buk Tabu a parai singin káláu ngo koion na lala kátlán i kán wák na káp sák i bál ái kán wák. Ngo na putai suk i án pogong ngorer, ki kán wák kápnate kuluk i kán liu.The Bible says to a man that he should not greatly control his wife lest his wife's stomach become upset. If he ties a rope to her neck (dominates her) like that, then his wife's life will not be good.hustaptalkai suk i án pogongak pogong4.1Relationships3.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom; relationship

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