manganintransitive verbSursorai má kápte mátutEnglishbrave; bold; courageous; nervyA person who is mangan is not embarrassed or afraid or frightened. There is a sense of strength and power, and the implication of not looking back. This can connote the idea of being single-minded. A person like this can be described in English as 'having a lot of nerve'. This term implies a knowledge of what one is facing or the harm that may come to one, but doing it anyway. See sokoprongan (unafraid) for a contrast.Kalik erei a sari tilik dolon lamas imunang er a lu lala lek. A sorai sang má kápte a matut i pákánbung a lek á lamas. A mangan sang er ák sari mák tár palai pol má tan pákán á lamas.That fellow climbs that very tall coconut tree down there that is leaning very much. He risks it and is not afraid when the coconut is leaning. He is brave indeed that he climbs it and chops off drinking coconuts and coconut leaves.bunbun1

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