tar-itransitive verbEnglishgive; lendTok PisingivimThere is no word in Sursurunga exactly equivalent to the English 'lend'. When one is asked for something, he chooses to give it or not. The person receiving it may return it, or the giver might go and get it back. If neither of those things happens, then the giver has essentially given it away.tabar/támritar káritar ngisántari duktartar1tatar kalartok tari situtung tari ngisánbál tari; hol tari; hustap tari; inngas tari; kálir tari; kip tari; lam tari; para tari; patak tari; put tari; rusan tari; sara tari; sormángát tari; sua tari; supan tari; suran tari; tar palai; tar sarai; tari lul suri; toh tari; tok tari; tus tari4.3.9.1Customanthro

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