atamtransitive verb taking onSurgorgor kári; tur káriEnglishtaboocause to be taboo or sacredE ngo kálámul a gorgor kári kán poron bu, a sálán ngo a atam i kán poron bu suri koion á tekes na sari.If a person ropes off his betel nut grove, the meaning is that he is tabooing his betel nut grove so no one will climb (there).Kálámul erei a sol uri kesi lotu er di lu tur kari tan kálámul suri koion da lu worwor tiklik mai tan kálámul sara. Di atam i di ngorer kabin di hol on ngo tan kálámul tili risán, di bos durwán kálámul.That man entered/joined a church where they stop people so they will not speak together with other people. They taboo them like that because they think that people from outside (their own church), they are dirty/unclean people.tam14.3.9.1Customanthro

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