bunguninalienable nounSurpákánbung a lu tapam hut onEnglishday of; day for; time for; period of time; cycleThis has the same general meaning as betun and kálgun, but is used of a day marked for a certain event or function that is only a day long, for example the thanksgiving offering which occurs on only one day each year. It is also used of the cycle of something which occurs every day, like sleeping. So bungun_aunges (day for rest) would not be the rest day or Sabbath that comes every week, but rather a holiday or a special day set aside for resting. Other examples are bungun_saksak (the day/time for practicing singing), bungun_longsit (the day of a feast) and bungun_sung (a time set aside for prayer).Má tara án gengen má sár di utung di ngo tan bek musmusing. Kándi bungun boptin i nas má kándi bungun saliu i libung.And the ones that are just little they call them bek_musmusing (Horseshoe Bat). Their time for sleeping is in the day and their time for going around is at night.Bungun lotu án pátpát mátán lotu a tapam hut main i kángit balis i bet 1875 i kalang Ogus 15 á bung. Git lu akiláng on i bohboh bet no on á bung erei.The day/time for having church to celebrate the arrival of the church here in our area in the year 1875 is in the month of August the 15th day. We mark/celebrate it every year on that day.betunkálgunbung1bungánbungun ililur8.4.1Period of timetime

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