turpastur pasintransitive serial verb1Surhan pasEnglishbegin; startstand getThis is often said when it's time for a group to leave a place, as in Giták_turpas_má! 'Let's get going!'8.4.1Period of timetime2Englishstopover; visit brieflyTur_pas has the connotation of briefly stopping or going somewhere, remaining a short while, then returning or continuing on.Má ina mulán han besang suri laumái bos tám ruruna i bos malar ada i balis á Makedoniá. Má ngo iakte han tur pas á Makedoniá má, erár ina hut main narsá gam. (1Ko 16.5)And I will first go now to visit/check on the believers in the villages in the region of Macedonia. And when I have gone (and finished) stopping over at Macedonia, at that time I will come/arrive here to you.tur1pasi1; turpasi

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