án1particleEnglishstylistic particleThis word does opposite things depending on the context it is in. In the first two examples below, it deprecates or denigrates as it occurs with words like gengen (small) and sár (only, de-emphasizer). In the third and fourth examples, it does the opposite as it occurs with words like lain (good) and sang (intensifier).Kesi án gengen táit sár iau nem suri para talsai si gam ngo ái memba na hut erei i wik er suri worwor mam git.Just a small thing I want to announce to you all that the member will come next week to talk with us.Be, a is á am kaukau di tari tilanang i pal? Wa, án atul sár á kaukau di tari ur aiak.Say, how many sweet potatoes did they give from the cook house for you to eat? Why, only three sweet potatoes they gave for my food.Bisket minái iau ani a namnamin, wa án lain bisket sang!This biscuit I'm eating is delicious, why it's a wonderful biscuit!Mái sár uri kamu kuluk, án lain ur on sang ngo ina liu be suri tangan gam. (Pil 1.24)However for your good, it is better/best that I will stay alive yet to help you.ánátultara án

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