punam sálidiomSurtop páptai táit di tari singin ngo na tari singin liteEnglishsteal; embezzleroad-hidingAlthough this is definitely a form of stealing, there seems to be a difference between this and the term siksikip (stealing). If one receives money for another purpose or another person, but never records that or passes it on, then this term applies. But if a record has been made, as a treasurer would do, and after that he takes the money, the term siksikip applies.Nabung iau tari kesi sángul á kina si Marburus ngo na tari si Besli, mái sár ngo ái Marburus ák top páptai bul má kápte má a tari si Besli. Ái Marburus a punam sál i sángul á kina er iau tari.Yesterday I gave ten kina to Marburus so she would give it to Besli, however Marburus held on to it instead and did not give it to Besli. Marburus hid the road (stole) that ten kina I gave.sál1punam/punmai3.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom

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