sák i bálidiomSurtaburengEnglishupset; sorrowfulhis stomach is broken/ruinedThis generic term for 'upset' includes being sorry, sad or regretful, but not necessarily angry. At times, this seems somewhat synonymous with bál_sák, but not always (see example in this entry and under bál_sák). For differentiation of terms meaning ‘sad’, see tabureng.
Ái Káláu a sák i bál uri kák di kabin kápdite atintin timani rang nat di.God is upset (i.e. sorrowful, possibly angry) with their fathers because they did not properly teach their children.bál sákkis sáksákngiuk i báltaburengtaun i kán holtaun uri kán holtius3.4Emotionemotion

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