botngininalienable nounEnglishtorso size or shapeTok PisinsaisThis word is used of humans or of animals that have a torso like pigs or dogs. It can also be used of certain fruits.Kak bor tungu iau isi uramudi a pakta á botngin suri botngin bor minái di isi ur main.My pig previously I caught (to give/send) upcoast its size was larger than the size of this pig they caught (to give/send) here.Kak hun imi bos kápate kuluk á botngin kabin iau soi i lul hat, pasi kápate lain u. Tan teten a tu gengen sár.My bananas up in the bush their size is not good because I planted them on top of a rock(y area), so they did not bear well. Its banana hands are only just small.2.1Bodybody part human

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