malilisintransitive verbSursiaroh mák tuan mákmák kuluk; tuan alalEnglishbeautiful; pretty; lovely; wonderful; calm; unobstructed; clearThis is used of things we look at, a calm and still ocean or a clear and unobstructed moon. It is not appropriate for people or anything other than vistas and scenery. An additional example is a clear, bright, and cloudless day.Nengen i libung a lain pos á kalang má kápte te kumlán mehmeh ngo na boh kári kalang. A siaroh á pokon mák tuan lain mákmák kuluk sang. Armongoh a tuan malilis mai tan mátmátiah di kis kauli kalang.Last night the moon was nicely revealed and there were no clouds to cover or hide the moon. The place/area was peaceful and it looked very nice indeed. The sky was very beautiful with the stars surrounding the moon.alalkolobonlalainsongap

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