worwor án sálidiomSurworwor di poklah pasiEnglishrumourtalk of/from the roadParai táit kápate támin ngo na hut má kápte te mánán ngo ai a han til ái á worwor, ki di lu parai ngo worwor án sál sár á erei.Saying something that is not true that will happen and with no knowledge of where that talk came from, then they say that that is talk of the road (rumour).Iau longrai kesi worwor án sál ngo na hut i tilik bát latiu i kábungbung, mái sár káp iau te mánán ngo a támin ngo kápte.I heard a rumour that a big storm is coming tomorrow morning, however I don't know if it is true or not.sál13.5.1Sayspeak

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