worworwor11intransitive verbEnglishtalk; converseTok PisintoktokWorwor refers to ordinary conversation or talking in contrast to pinpidan (pronouncement, declaration) which indicates more important or significant words. Sometimes the unreduplicated wor is used as in kip_wor (gossip) and wor_ur_on (confront). Worwor is a common verb occurring frequently in serial verb constructions and with many figurative and idiomatic uses. See the cross references and the following entries for some examples of these.ngurukwátparaikápán worworkip worlul worworpongpong i worworsangnán worworsirsir worwortám dar worwortám worwor mattám worwor tuswor arkuhwor sirwor sirapwor ur onworworworaworworoi; wor amati; worngai; woroi2alienable nounEnglishlanguageTok Pisintokplespinpidan3.5.1Sayspeak

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