taltaladengintransitive verbSurtungai longoi lite táit besangEnglishdisobedient; doing something other than what one is supposed to be doingThis word denotes doing one's usual activities, not thinking about anything in particular; it also carries the idea of wasting time instead of getting the job done, and possibly the idea of procrastinating. This carries the idea of, rather than cooperating or obeying, just going one's own way and ignoring what one should do.Tan kálámul kandi tungai longoi tan lite táit besang, má kápdite nem suri ngo da lu sangar má suri saksak. Di alatung sang kandi tu taltaladeng be i kandi tan kuir malar má tu kápte kálámul be á main.The men are still just doing other things, and they do not want to hurry for singing. They are out there somewhere just doing their thing still in their own areas and there are no men here yet.taladeng

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