inparticleEnglishthis; hereThis is frequently combined with ma (locative marker) to produce main (here) and with ma and ái (third person singular free pronoun) to produce inái and minái (this), and serves as the short form of all three.Ái Káláu ákte obop iau iak tám arbin mai midán sang, má iau in má i batbat kalar kabin iau longoi talar er. (Epe 6.20)God has put me I have become a preacher with his very own message, and I am here in jail because I do that job.Di tan tám tuar, má ngorer di salarek mai suri matananu da mákái má da árngai ngis di sár. A muswan á in iau bit gam on ngo ái rung erei dikte otoi sár á kandi arsupan. (Mat 6.16)They are hypocrites, and therefore they do publicly with it so that people willl see them and will praise their names. It is true this I tell you that those ones have already received their rewards.inái1inármain; minái8.5Locationlocation

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