alal1intransitive verbSurkulukEnglishsuperior; perfect; special; beloved; treasured; dear; appealing; beautiful; niceThis term is used to refer to a child who is very special and well cared for as well as referring to many other things that one treasures. It is also used of talk that is appealing, perhaps pulling you in and making you want to hear more.Worwor di parai ami aratintin i pákánbung di kis talum, a tuan alal má matananu di lala nem on suri da longrai.The talk they said at the school when they had the meeting, it was very appealing and people really liked hearing it.kolobonlalainmalilissongapkalik alal2transitive verb taking onSuratami kes suri koion na long te durwán himEnglishconsecrate; make specialThis term is typically defined by Sursurungas as tabooing a person, usually a child, so he does not do any dirty work. This includes the idea of making sure he does not play on the ground or get dirty when a small child, providing protection so he does not get hurt, and not making him do the usual work like others.Di alal on á kalik er pasi kápate lu ani bor má kápdite lu lala dos on.That child has been made special/consecrated resulting in he does not eat pig and they do not boss him a lot.alal pasi4.1Relationships4.3.9.1Customanthro; relationship

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