hom saraintransitive serial verbSurpekpek saraEnglishdefecate in an inappropriate placeplay scatter/aroundKalilik, iau mákái ngo gam lu hom sara iamuni kon mák tuan sák sang á pokon imuni. Koion gama lu pekpek sara iamuni ngorer kabin git lu kis on á kon imuni.Children, I see that you all defecate out on the beach and that place out there is very bad indeed. Don't defecate all over out there like that because we sit on the beach out there.Matananu di áir kári malar mai got suri koion na sol á bor nák hom sara i malar.People fence off the village with bamboo so a pig will not enter and defecate in the village.sara23.5.3.1Wordinteresting idiom

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