taisputintransitive verbSurkápate láklák sangsangarEnglishprogressing slowlyThis implies slow progress that is not deliberate on the part of the people involved, but due to some other factor.Gim taisput mai alus kabin bát a lala kingai takup má gimá hut namur.We made slow progress with paddling because the wind was blowing the canoe a lot and we arrived later.Tan kálámul di sangsangar i láklák uranang Nokon suri lotu. Má tan tinánkak ái rung di kináh i kándi tan goion kalik di taisput, pasi dik hut namurwai lotu.The men were hurrying to walk down to Nokon for church. And the mothers who were carrying their infants were progressing slowly, resulting in they arrived after church.

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