lul matananulul kálámulidiomSurmatananu di lu pukpukda táitEnglishchangeableness; ficklenesspeople's headThis term speaks of the tendency of people to change what they are told to do. It implies such things as dissatisfaction, being opinionated, uncooperative, hard-hearted.Kesi tátáil án lotu a parai ngo da soa lim suri tángni rumán sasam á Kimadan, má pirán tabal ngo da lu tari na lu lim á sángul á kina keskeskesá kálámul. Mái sár ái komiti ák parai singin tátáil erei ngo, "U mánán sár á lul matananu ngo da longrai, ki da pukdai sang á kam holhol erei."A church leader said that they/people should give an offering to help the clinic at Kimadan, and the money that they should give should be fifty kina each person. However the headman said to that leader that, "You just know people's heads (You know how fickle they are!) when they hear, then they will change that thinking/idea of yours."lulung

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