irarutimeSurbung ngo wik ngo kalang a murwa pasi latiuEnglishafter tomorrow; day after tomorrowTok Pisinhap tumoraThis word is not used very much anymore, people tending to refer to anything after tomorrow with namur (afterwards).Pasta er a lul i tan pasta i balis á Nokon, a nem ngo tan pasta da hut talum á Nokon suri kesi kis talum mák parai si di ngoromin, "Kubák onin, má Bung Ru latiu kápte gama han. Gama han sang iraru i Bung Tul."The pastor who is the head of the pastors in the Nokon section, he wanted the pastors to come together at Nokon for a meeting and he said to them like this, "It's Monday today, and Tuesday tomorrow you will not come. You should come day after tomorrow on Wednesday."tungu8.4.1Period of timetime

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