kurtángsinverbal nounSuráwáwat on; arahrahiEnglishend; edge; finalThis word, structured like an inalienable noun, is used as an intransitive verb, a modifier, and a noun. It can refer to the edge of a table or to the last days.Áá, kángit pákánbung suri liu main i naul bim ákte páput má suri kurtángsin ngorer i libung páput má na arasa, má erei má nas ák pos. (Rom 13.12)Yes, our time for living here on the earth is already close now to the end like the night is close to the next morning, and soon the sun will break/dawn.Tan kálámul er di rut dikte hut má inang i arahrahi sál er di rut on. A ngoro dikte hut má i kurtángsin sál er di rut on.Those people who were running have now arrived down at the finish of the road they were running on. It is like they have arrived now at the end of the road they were running on.áwáwatkurtángsin láklák8.4.1Period of time8.5Locationlocation; time

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