bábát2babatalienable nounSurturtur kalarEnglishmagic rope; amuletThis is a length of vine or rope tied around the neck or arm or leg which is used in healing and to prevent love magic working or to prevent harm from sorcery.Tám latlat a lu longoi bábát ur singin kálámul ngo a latlat on suri tur palai sasam ngo wah ná káp kaleng uri kálámul a sasam. A lu longoi suk mák lu kápti i limán kálámul a sasam ngo i án pogong.A local healer makes a magic rope for a person he will heal to fend off the sickness or sorcery lest it return to the sick person. He makes it with vine/rope and ties it on the arm of the sick person or his neck.2.5.1Sick4.3.9.1Customanthro; sickness

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