bor1alienable nounEnglishpig; porkTok PisinpikThere are many sizes of bor, and their colors are various. Some bor have reddish colored hair and some are all black. And some only have white hair all over. The hair color of some is black and striped vertically with white. The bor they feed in the village, they call it bor_án_malar (pig of the village), and the bor that lives in the jungle they call rokoi (wild). They eat both of them. The bor is a very important thing to the Sursurunga people. The bor they feed very much stands in their thinking (it very important) because they get money from it, and some they feed to use in big feasts and celebrations. If a person dies, then that dead person’s relatives make a feast on top of him (following his death, to honour him) with bor. If a person has many bor, then they say about him that he is a konom (big/rich man).bingbingpulbor mutbor uri kámnahlul bormátál án bor kokonpessosobor2tabun bor5.2Food1.6Animal4.3.9.1Customanimal; anthro; food

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