latlatdahilintransitive verbSurhim mai táit suri akuluknai liu ngo táitEnglishwhite magic; good magicThis refers to what is considered good or white magic, i.e. curing sickness, garden fertility, making pigs fat, causing a child to crawl or walk or stop crying, making fish bite. In ancestral times, this also included the practice of strengthening a man's hands for fighting.Tám latlat masik sár a mánán i latlat ur on á sasam erei. Má kápte kes a arwat mul suri long palai.Only a healer alone knows the magic for that sickness. But no one else is able to remove it.dahiliniatwah1maleraobotoitám latlatwulgomar/gomri; latwai2.5.7.2Medicine4.3.9.1Customanthro; medicine

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