tabar bulunánátbulunánátalienable nounEnglishfeast typeIn this feast type, if the feast is given by clan A, then those who were fathered by members of clan A sit inside the men's house. Those outside shut them into the men's house by closing the door and windows or putting up a mat over the doorway. They do not eat when the rest of the people are eating, but later after all the people outside have eaten. One pig is marked for these people in the men's house; it is eaten with chunks of coconut or talis (nut) or damau (nut). Root vegetables are not eaten with it. The pig must be completely finished before they are allowed to leave the men's house, and sometimes dirt is sprinkled on the pig or put into the food served with it. This gives the feeling of giving disgrace to those who eat in the men's house. They sahi (pay for) the pig with shell money or cash; one person's contribution would be about K20-50 in cash or one string of reu (shell money).longsit4.3.9.1Customanthro

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