mátutintransitive verbEnglishafraidTok PisinperetAll the terms expressing fear traditionally originated in one's stomach, but today people may say fear originates in one's mind or thinking. Mátut is more strongly felt than bulat though both come from a person's feelings. Bunbun is experienced more by the body, as in afraid or scared of being bitten by a dog. Bulat is the feeling of being threatened, afraid of injury or for one's life or well-being. Some say that bulat and bunbun are synonymous and both are stronger than mátut. Ráuráuwas refers to trembling in fear. Konngek is more the idea of being worried about something or dreading something.bulatbunbun1konngekkumráurámráminráuráuwasamátutholhol án mátut3.4Emotionemotion

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