kangalalienable nounEnglishheaddress for dancingTok PisinkangalThe distinguishing feature of a kangal is that it rises vertically from the head, as opposed to a balaparip which is a wreath. A kangal is attached by tying it to one's hair, or by using a chin strap/string. A kamrogos is also a vertical decoration, but it is part of a larger headdress or wreath. A bangbang is like a small kangal, worn on the head when dancing and often made from chicken feathers, leaves, and other things. The balaparip is a dancing headdress that is a simple wreath made of leaves or chicken feathers and tree bark; it may or may not have extensions or additions sticking out from the wreath. And a bungbung is simply defined as a headdress. The word biar can apparently refer to several different items. Some say it is a ceremonial shoulder cape. Some say it refers to a headdress. Another possibility is a neck decoration, larger than a necklace and made with leaves or other plant parts.balaparipbangbang2biarbungbungkamrogos4.2.4Dancedance

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