tara1intransitive verb and modifierEnglishnumber; people fromThis word is always followed by an actual number or another word expressing a number as in the first example, or by the name of a place as in the second example. It can also be followed by a term expressing a kind of people, as in tara_madar (literally 'people from white skin', meaning 'white people').Á iau erei tiklik mam gam ngo gam kis talum i ngisang. Káksiai ngo gaur tara ru ngo gamtul tara tul sár, ngo gam marán sang, ina iatung tiklik mam gam. (Mat 18.20)I am there together with you when you meeting together in my name. Even though you two are two in number or you three are only three in number, or you are very many, I will be there together with you.Má iau nem ngo gama mánán ngo iakte lala songsong suri tangan di ái rung káp di tini mák iau besang, ngorer á gam tara Kolose má tara Laodikia má di no kápte be dikte mák iau. (Kol 2.1)And I want that you will know that I have greatly sweated/labored to help those who have not yet seen me, like you people from Colosse and people from Laodicea and all of them who have not yet seen me.

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