alamilocation1Surimi iát taladeng; muni tepákEnglishhighThis is the combination of ala (locative relater) and the short form of muni, mi (up). This connotes something being so high that it is difficult to reach.Má namur ái Satan a tohtoh Iesu mul má a lam pas Iesu uri pokon a tuan alami sang, má a sangar i inngas tari singin á tan balis no on á naul matmatngan pokon. (Luk 4.5)And then Satan tested Jesus also and he led Jesus to a place that was extremely high, and quickly/instantly he revealed to him all the regions/kingdoms of the world.2Englishinside somewhereThis can be inside a house or inside some other thing, like a basket. It defines a general location, not a specific place or spot.Kak gengen is iau dungi alami polgon rat. Kauh, han kipi be ur main.My small knife I put it somewhere there inside the basket. Son, go bring it now to here/me.miala8.5Locationlocation

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