ar1har1alienable nounSurkesá matngan isuEnglishray (generic term); stingrayTok PisinwarAr is a fish that is flat and it looks like it has wings. There on its long tail it has its knife it cuts with. Its body it is like the body of a shark, it is like it has sand on it. It has bones, however they aren’t strong, it is just bite-through-able also like shark bones. The ar eats sand and it lives in sandy areas where there are no rocks, and out there in the deep too it lives. This fish they eat also. In the English language they call it ‘ray’. Five different kinds are here with us: mangailo, ar_man, ar_batu, ar_án_kon, and one that is round they call it ar_án_gargar and its color is reddish.báisunTypes of raysar án gargarar án konar batuar manmangailo1.6.1.5Fishfish

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