ngoro rokoi i talngánidiomSurpara sáksáknai kálámul mai kuir wor mináiEnglishangry expressionhis ears are like a wild pig'sThis is abusive talk. It is simply a way of expressing one's anger, particularly at one's child, but is not speaking to a specific problem such as hard-headedness or refusal to listen. It's a general outburst of anger.Pákánbung ngo mámán kalik a mos i natun mák nem i para sáksákna natun, ki a lu parai ur on ngo, “Ngoro rokoi i talngán.” Talngán kán kalik kápate ngoro talngán bor á talngan, mái sár ngo a para sáksákna natun mai kuir wor erei.When a child's mother is angry at her child and wants to insult/put down her child, then she says to him that, "His ears are like a wild pig's." The ears of the child are not like the ears of a wild pig, but she insults her child with that piece of talk (expression).talngang3.5.3.1Word3.4Emotionemotion; interesting idiom

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