kálgunalienable nounSurpákánbung a lu tapam hut onEnglishseason; cycleThis refers to the period of time when something bears fruit, as betel nut or tawan (fruit tree) or breadfruit, or when a certain fish is in season, as palolo worms or whitebait.Kálgun bu a lu turpasi i kalang Ogus ák han pang i kalang Mas, má ngorer bu a lu hu on i katbán tan kalang erei.The betel nut season begins in the month of August going to the month of March, and so betel nut bears fruit in the middle of (during) those months.Bet a lu hut i keskeskesá pákán i bos bet no, má kálgun á bet di lu siri i kalang Epril ái rung til Pátpátár, má git til Sursurunga git lu siri i kalang Mei.Palolo worms arrive one time in every year, and the season of palolo worms (is that) the Patpatar gather them in the month of April, and we from Sursurunga gather them in the month of May.betunbungun8.4.1Period of time1.7Nature, environmentnature; time

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