a-4Englishlocative marker prefixThis prefix indicates that the general location or direction is known but a specific place is more nebulous. It often implies movement, i.e. the implication of adi in the first example is movement down along the ground which contrasts with ida which implies the normal and constant habitation of fish is out in the sea. To indicate motion, i.e. following ur (to) or til (from), it can precede both short and long forms of direction words. To identify a location only, it can only precede short forms.Bos rokoi má bos toltolom man tili armongoh turán tan táit di káukáu adi bim mái rung di sehel mai bál di má tan táit di liu ida i lontas, bos kálámul di arwat suri olas pas di no. (Iak 3.7)The wild animals and various kinds of birds from the sky together with things that crawl down along the ground and those one who slither with their stomachs and things that live out in the sea, people are able to tame them all.Di parai singing ngo ina lu lahau má til main i torahin malar, pasi er i Tagur ina márian má til main uranang i kak hutngin malar.They said to me that I should move house from here in the old village, resulting in on Saturday I will prepare/move from here down to my new village.ala-i1ia-ma-8.5Locationlocation

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