taun i kán holidiom1Surhol apakta onEnglishimportanthis thinking is heavy...ái Káláu kápate taun i kán hol suri tan konom ngo suri tan tám toptop. A toh pas di no mai tukes sár á tintoh. (Kol 3.25)...(for) God it is not heavy in his thinking (not important to Him) concerning (whether one is) a big man or a servant. He tests/measures them all with just only one measure (He views everyone the same, shows no partiality).2Surhol sáksákEnglishupsetÁi tám aratintin a mák kán wák diar worwor i kesá kálámul má ák hol sáksák uri diar. Má pákánbung a kaleng ái kán wák, ki ák parai singin kán wák ngo a taun i kán hol ur on er a worwor mai kálámul.The teacher saw his wife and another man were talking and he (teacher) thought badly about them two. And when his wife returned, then he said to his wife that his thinking was heavy (he was upset) about that she was talking with the man.sák i bál3.4Emotionemotion

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