tarabut / taraptisyncopated verb1Surrapti; rabut pasiEnglishpull outThis is used of things one pulls out of something else, as a plant out of the ground or a nail out of a post.Tungu ái koner a atri be á kán rum iatung, má namur mul ák rabut pasi mák atri inang Huris. A tarabut pas noi sang á tan sitán kán rum uramunang.Previously that one stood up his house there, and later also he pulled it out and stood it up down at Huris. He pulled all the parts of his house out completely (and moved it) to down coast.6.2.1Growing cropsgarden2Suraptur i holholEnglishstir upThis is used of stirring up one's thinking toward work or faith or some other desired result.I pákánbung án kempein, ái memba a parai ngo na oboi kolta tangkabin til Námátánai uranang Sursurunga. Má worwor sár er a tarapti holhol kán matananu pasi dik bali ilwai suri na memba.At the time of a campaign, the (local government) member says that he will put cold tar beginning from Namatanai down coast to Sursurunga. And that very talk stirs up the thinking of his people resulting in they again choose him to be the member.rabut/rapti

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