ngákngákintransitive verbEnglishrebellious; bigheaded; breaking the law; disobeyThis may imply a kind of anger at everyone, even shouting. The meaning of this word is well described in James 4.17: he knows what is good/right, but turns away from doing it.Sinih a mur arwat pas noi bos nagogon no, ái sár ákte ngákngák sár i kes, a artálár ngo ákte tah kus noi bos nagogon, má ngorer a wás palai sang ái Káláu. (Iak 2.10)Whoever completely follows fulfilling all the laws, however he breaks/disobeys just one, it is equal (with) breaking all the laws, and therefore God condemns him.abulbultaramtám ngákngák4.1Relationshipsrelationship

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