tari duktransitive verb taking onEnglishurge; insist; forcegive touchingThis is typically to force verbally, as insisting or urging, but not in the sense of physical force. For differentiation of the 'forcing' verbs, see hustap.
Má i ngahwán kábungbung, ái Paulo a tari duk i di no ngo da namnam, má ák parai si di ngoromin, "Gamáte kis án mátut arwat mai kesá sángul mai ahat á bung, má ákte lala dolon pákánbung má kápgamte an te táit. Minái iau lala sung gam ngo gama namnam suri gamák liu. Kápte kes tili git na bokoh i kán liu." (Apo 27.33-34)And early in the morning, Paul urged them all that they should eat, and he said to them like this, "You have lived in fear for fourteen days, and it has been a very long time and you have not eaten anything. Now I am greatly requesting of you that you eat so you will live. Not one from us his life will be absent (not one of us will die)."hustapduk13.5.1Sayspeak

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