aun táit án loltasalienable nounEnglishocean plant (generic term)Some things grow out in the ocean that are not coral, but rather tree type things that grow out in the ocean. Some grow out in the middle of the deep like the laskau and the rábái_án_loltas. And another thing that grows out in the deep on top of batu coral or on top of gargar coral, they call it taling_taling. It looks just like the mushroom from the jungle. And some grow in the shallow water like the gasusur, áráng, and the talngán_pap. The talngán_pap (dog’s ear) also looks like the mushroom from the jungle. These things are not strong/hard like the coral. If you touch them, they are exactly like the leaves of things from the village or from the jungle, resulting in they say that they are trees from the ocean.áránggasusurlaskaumoamusaurábái án loltastaling talingtalngán pap6.4.5Fishingmarine plant

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