turturintransitive verb1Surtur armonaEnglishstandingI bung erei, tan kálámul di lu turtur i mátán rum káián tám aratintin má dik gálta suri. Di tur monai be suri na so nák mák di.On that day, people were standing at the door of the teacher's house and they asked for him. They stood waiting for him then so he would come and and see them.tur1turtur kelesturtur kalar/turtur kári2Surkáhái kalik má saliu mai; abálbálái goion kalikEnglishsoothe a childThis implies standing and holding a child, rocking him, perhaps even walking around with him to calm and soothe him and/or put him to sleep.Ái mámán ái lik a lala ngesmat i saliu mai kán kalik kán tu lala tang. Kán tu saliu mai suri ngo nák boptin. Til nengen sang má kán tu turtur mai kán kalik má kápte a lu boptin, kán tu tang sang á kán kalik.The girl's mother was very weary of walking around with her child who was crying a lot. She just kept walking with her so she would sleep. Since much earlier today she's been just standing with her child and she is not sleeping, her child is just continuing to cry.

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