talbaptransitive verbSurkip noi; bonta noiEnglishspread everywhere; reachThis word includes the idea of being covered or perhaps even penetrated, as blood on a garment, or being infected with sickness. It is a strong word denoting the most penetrating or strongest. This is not an on verb, but requires an i followed by a non-singular pronoun.Sasam erei di utngi ngo kolora ákte bonta noi matananu i kesá malar main i Pacific. Má a mákmák ngoro na talbap i git no á sasam erei, má git no gita sami besang ngo kápte gita ololoh kuluk suri.That sickness they call cholera has completely filled/affected the people in one place here in the Pacific. And it looks like that sickness will spread to all of us, and we all will probably be sick if we don't watch out for it.

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