ránsitransitive verbSurtarápáiEnglishtear; pull openThis word is appropriate to use in pulling a zipper open or closed, or pulling a cluster of betel nut off its branch.Lik, sepen kaen erei ákte ráp má, una tarápái iatung i katbán suri nák ru on. Ngo una ránsi nák ru on, ki unák bauti aru sepen kaen erei uri te na ru i gengen laplap ur káián kalilik.Daughter, that piece of cloth (that) is already torn, you should rip it there in the middle so it will become two (rip it in two). If you will rip it in two, then you can sew those two pieces of cloth into two small laplaps for the children.tarápáirau ránsi mátántaránsi

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