betuninalienable nounSurpákánbung a lu tapam hut onEnglishperiod of time; season; cycle; timeThis refers to a period of time measured in years rather than kálgun which implies a shorter period. It is used for such things as election cycles and the census.Betun ililwa sur rung da tur sur git i rumán hat, a lu hut namurwai alim á bet. Ngorer i betun rumán hat onin git ilwa pas di i bet 2007, má namur mul i 2012.The season/cycle of choosing/electing for those who stand for us in the stone house (Parliament), it goes following five years. Therefore in today's cycle for Parliament we choose/elect them in the year 2007, and later again in 2012.bungunkálgun8.4.1Period of timetime

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