árparticleEnglishfirst time; at long last; finallyThis particle can occur as either a suffix or as a free form following the word it modifies.Iau lala pán sang til tungu i nas má libung. Má nabung ár má, iak boptin.For quite some time I have been awake in the day and the night. But yesterday for the first time (in a long time), I finally slept.Hirá sang iau mák iáu, má ákte marán bet palai ki uk bali hut ár main i malar. Ákte lilih á bet sang má kápte u sukai malar min.Very long ago I saw you, and it has been many years removed/passing then you again arrived at long last here in the village. It has been a long many years indeed and you did not step on (visit) this village.mátmátánerárinár8.4.1Period of timetime

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